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No freedom of religion for Muslims in Goa?

Click Here: -No freedom of religion for Muslims in Goa?

The Constitution of India has enshrined the Right to Freedom of Religion as one of the fundamental rights. This right, covered in Articles 25-28, provides religious freedom to all citizens of India. All religions are equal before the state and citizens are free to preach, practice and propagate any religion of their choice.

Do we have genuine freedom of religion in Goa today? An objective look would show even the least discerning observer that this fundamental right is indeed available to the citizens in Goa — if they are Hindus or Christians! If they are Muslims, on the other hand, this right is being systematically denied to them. …Recently, there have been two major disputes, one in Curtorim and one in Chinchinim. In Curtorim, a Muslim garage owner and his Muslim employees were saying their prayers in the garage, as the nearest mosque is a considerable distance away. The MLA of Curtorim, Reginaldo Lourenco, saw fit to march to the garage with fifty supporters in tow, alleging that an attempt was being made to construct a mosque. After protracted negotiations, the garage owner was forced to agree that only his workers would be allowed to say their prayers in the garage, and that no ‘outsiders’ would be permitted.

Nearly every Hindu and Christian house in Goa has a shrine or altar of some kind where prayers are said. The owner of the house can, of course, pray there with whomsoever he wants. But when Muslims do the same thing, there is a furore and the Muslims are forced into a patently unfair agreement.


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