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What you should do in the following situations

Click here: – What you should do in the following situations

The English translation of a handbook by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, discussing some everyday situations a Muslim may come to face and how to get through them. Topics covered include how to find the Qiblah direction for prayer, what to do when you forget parts of your prayer and so on. The document is available as a pdf and as a word file.

“People in this world have prepared information telling people how to behave in emergency situations: what to do if fire breaks out, if someone is drowning, if a scorpion bites, if there is a car accident, if someone is bleeding or has broken a bone… All of these first aid procedures are well known; they teach them to people and hold special courses. How much more important is it, then, that those who are concerned with the Hereafter should learn and teach the rules of this religion!”


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