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Israeli Kadima members disagree over how Jerusalem should be divided

Click here: – Kadima members disagree over how Jerusalem should be divided

Vice Premier Haim Ramon is promoting a plan to Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayad in which almost all Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem would be subtracted from the Israeli city and become part of a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem. The areas inhabited by Jews, including the new neighborhoods south, north and east of the Green Line that divided the city until 1967, will remain under Israel’s jurisdiction.

…Ramon proposes handing over three neighborhoods soon after the agreement of principles is signed, if Israel is convinced that the Palestinian Authority can control them: Shuafat, in northern Jerusalem, near Pisgat Ze’ev and Atarot; Suahra, on the edge of the Judean desert; and Wallijeh, a village near the Massuah neighborhood overlooking the railway to Tel Aviv. In recent weeks, however, a counter-coalition inside Kadima has sprung up, headed by MK Otniel Schneller. Schneller is unwilling to give up Israeli sovereignty over the Old City and the Temple Mount, but will accept religious management of the holy sites. He is also willing to give up neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city – mostly to the north, such as Al-Ram, Qalandiyah and Kafr Akeb (most of which are already outside the separation fence) – as well as parts of a few other neighborhoods.


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