British man helped organise Rwandan genocide, court told

Click Here: TheGuardian – British man helped organise Rwandan genocide, court told

A British citizen was personally involved in organising the deaths of thousands of people during the Rwandan genocide, a London court heard yesterday.

Vincent Bajinya, 46, came to Britain after the 1994 genocide which claimed more than a million lives as inter-ethnic strife ripped through the central African nation. Dr Bajinya is one of four men facing extradition from Britain to Rwanda under a special diplomatic deal reached last year by the two governments….James Lewis QC, representing the Rwandan government, told the court that Dr Bajinya was a member of the governing MRND party, and present at a key 1993 meeting in a stadium in Kigali at which the anti-Tutsi “Hutu Power” movement was said to have been born. “He played a high-profile role in that meeting, being the master of ceremonies,” Mr Lewis said. “The primary purpose of that meeting was to encourage Hutus to dissociate themselves from the enemy.”

He later attended a series of “genocide meetings” in Kigali and became a leader in the Interahamwe militia, which was to spearhead the slaughter, Mr Lewis told the court. He set up roadblocks in the Rugenge area of Kigali, ordering the militia to kill anyone they suspected of being a Tutsi.


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