Egypt’s mufti calls for innovative scientific research culture

Click here: IINA -Egypt’s mufti calls for innovative scientific research culture

Abu Dhabi – Ramadan 16, 1428/ September 28, 2007 – Muslims should lend greater attention and support for scientific research and for culture respecting and promoting it if they want to revive the golden era of Islamic civilization like the one that prevailed in Baghdad, said Grand Mufti of Egypt Dr. Sheikh Ali Juma. Speaking to a high-profile Ramadan Majlis hosted last night by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Sheikh Ali Juma appealed to scholars, intellectuals, thinkers and researchers as well as think-tanks to read and analyze regular international reports to draw lessons and essential data from them so as to keep abreast of current complicated issues on all specializations with the intention of unveiling the mysteries shrouding them and simplifying them. Admitting the high percentage of illiteracy (40 percent) in the Arab World, Dr. Juma stressed the urgent need for revival of the vital role of Islamic Endowment in financing scientific research.


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