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German wants to read Satanic Verses in Islam centre

Click here: – German wants to read Satanic Verses in Islam centre

BERLIN – A top German journalist aims to foster understanding between Muslims and Christians by using an Islamic centre for readings of a book that sparked riots and book-burnings in the Muslim world and sent its author into hiding. Germany’s largest network of mosques has rejected Guenter Wallraff’s proposals for readings of Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’, which many Muslims see as an affront to the Prophet Mohammad. But Wallraff is undeterred and says he will seek backing for his plan in Muslim Turkey. ‘It’s intended to break taboos in order to get to know each other and overcome prejudices,’ Wallraff told Reuters. ‘It’s not intended to be a spectacle but a serious discussion.’…DITIB said in a statement that Wallraff’s ‘unwillingness to compromise and his lack of understanding for the feelings and needs of the Muslim community’ prompted it to reject his offer.


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