More people embrace Islam during holy month

Click here:  Brunei Times- More people embrace Islam during holy month

The Haji Karim Foundation office on Jl Lautze, Central Jakarta is busy than usual this month, with a greater number of ethnic Chinese enquiring about converting to Islam…According to Yusman, Indonesian Chinese converts need facilitation and support to address problems encountered with their non-Muslim families as well as in their workplaces. “In some cases, the new converts are employed within a family business. So with the refusal to accept their change in religion, some lose employment. In other cases, they face difficulty in getting accepted by the colleagues.” Yusman said the root of the problem dates back to the colonial times. “During the colonial days, the society was divided according to classes, the upper class were the Europeans followed by the Indonesian Chinese, both of non-Muslim groups and then by the lowest class, who were the indigenous Indonesians who were generally seen as unintelligent, poor and backward,” he said.Most of the indigenous population was Muslim and practiced polygamy.


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