$4.3 million offer for 400-year-old Quran

Click here: IINA – $4.3 million offer for 400-year-old Quran

A Qatari national who was handed as a gift a 400-year-old copy of a handwritten Holy Quran by a Yemeni Islamic scholar in Makkah last Ramadan says he is getting offers of up to $4.3 million to part with the rare book. “I might agree to part with it if I get a good offer. The last offer I got was for $4.3m,” said Saeed Ali Al Suwaidi.
He said he went to Makkah in Ramadan last year and had a chance meeting with a Yemeni Islamic scholar. “We began talking after a preliminary introduction. He told me that he had a rare copy of a Holy Quran. It was handwritten and a little less than 400 years old. He asked me if I would accept it for safekeeping.” The scholar told Al Suwaidi that it was a great calligraphic work and took Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Qassem Al Aqwa five years to complete it in 1034 H, Peninsula online reported…Three people, each from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE, approached him. One of them offered him $4.3m to part with it but he did not.


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