Evicted Indian Tamils and Muslims by Tamil terrorists to be resettled

Click here: nationalsecurity.lk- Evicted Indian Tamils and Muslims by Tamil terrorists to be resettled

Government is currently engaged in a negotiating process with the UNHCR, the World Bank and with several NGOs with a view to permanently resettling about 50,000 families (involving 25,000 to 30,000 Tamils of Indian origin), who were chased out of Killinochchi and Mullaithievu districts in 1996 by Tamil terrorists. These Indian Tamils are presently living in several refugee centres in Vavuniya. In October 1990 Muslims from Arippu, Silvathurai and Musali in the Mannar districts also faced the same fate and were chased out by terrorists during their ruthless and inhumane activities…According to Minister Basil Rajapaksa, Senior Advisor to President Mahinda Rajapaksa. the Government is seriously negotiating with the above mentioned agencies to resettle these Tamils who are undergoing suffering in centres for displaced persons for more than a decade.

Muslims in the Mannar districts too have been living in IDP camps since 1991. After the Security Forces took control of Arippyu, Silvathurai and Musali areas from the terrorists, it is now possible to resettle them and the Security Forces have given clearance and the green light for the resettlement of Muslims living in the camps in Puttlam, said Minister Basil Rajapaksa.


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