Serbia: “State won’t meddle in Islamic dispute”

Click here: – “State won’t meddle in Islamic dispute”

A crisis has been brewing in Serbia’s southwestern region inhabited by majority Muslims for days. When one group of imams in a Sjenica mosque got in a scuffle with those from the rival faction, they asked for police intervention, to later accuse officers who removed imams and worshippers from the mosque for “brutal behavior.” … Adem Zilkić, who was last week appointed reis, or leader, of the organization known as the Islamic Community in Serbia, met with Religion Minister Radomir Naumov (DSS) on Monday.

“Naumov told us that we are a legal institution, and I am its legally elected head, adding that the state will not meddle in the conflict between factions in the Islamic community.” “He promised that the state bodies would protect public order and peace and secure religious ceremonies and worshippers,” Zilkić said.


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