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US troops accused of burning Quran in Afghanistan

Click here: IINA – US troops accused of burning Quran in Afghanistan

Hundreds of angry villagers demonstrated in eastern Afghanistan yesterday alleging that US troops had burned the Holy Quran, a charge the US-led coalition rejected. Residents of Kunar province blocked a road for several hours before parliamentarians were able to calm the crowd, AFP reported. The protesters alleged coalition forces had torn and burned a Quran copy during an overnight raid in which they had arrested four men. The news agency reporter saw torn pages of the holy book in the village of Kodu, which is about 20 kilometers south of the provincial capital Asadabad.
The owner of the house where two men were arrested said the soldiers had burst into his house in the early hours of the morning and gone through his books. “They tied up and took two of my sons with them,” the man, Char Gul, said. “They went through our books, spread them on the floor. They tore and set ablaze a Holy Quran and they took another Quran with them.” An elder, Haji Mumtaz, said the raid started at midnight and lasted until early morning. “They took them with four people and they desecrated the Holy Quran,” he said.

The coalition, which is rounding up Taleban and Al Qaeda militants, confirmed there had been an operation and that four men were detained but rejected the allegations about the Quran.


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