World’s First Muslim Skydiving Centre Opens in Tehran

Click here: – World’s First Muslim Skydiving Centre Opens in Tehran

Called the Shahab skydiving centre, the facility plays host to male and female instructors and students.  Up until now, Muslim women have been prevented from skydiving, largely due to Islamic regulations.

…As the vast majority of the worlds skydiving instructors are male, Muslim women have had virtually no opportunity to take part in one of the worlds most thrilling and adrenaline-pumping sports. Muslim women are prohibited from skydiving with male instructors, due to the fact that their bodies would be intimately positioned whilst harnessed together. As a means of allowing Muslim women to participate in skydiving, PAAviation have specifically recruited female instructors, uniquely allowing Muslim women for the first time to experience the thrill and exhilaration of tandem skydiving.

…Upon landing, the students receive an official Aerosports level 1 certificate, and there is the option of having a professional skydive camera man accompany the jump to film and photograph the entire experience.


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