UK Muslims warned against Zam Zam scam

Click here: Muslim Weekly – Muslims warned against Zam Zam scam

Criminal gangs are operating a multi-million pound scam selling fake holy water wrongly labelled from Mecca.The black market trade in fake ‘Zam Zam’ water is becoming a serious concern for health officials. Dr Yunes Teinaz, an environmental health expert who advises the London Central Mosque, said: “This water is contaminated and unsafe for the consumer. And people are making millions of pounds selling this stuff.”

Teinaz said he also believed some unscrupulous operators in Britain were mixing normal tap water with salt and marketing it as Zam Zam water. He said he was aware of examples of vans transporting vast quantities of the fake water to mosques where imams ordered followers to buy the substance.

Muslim leaders have called to boycott all forms of the product on sale in Britain…It has been found that the fake Zam zam contains high levels of arsenic and nitrates that can be fatal if regularly consumed over time…Real Zam Zam water was tested in 1971 and found to be fit for drinking. Tests showed it had a greater quantity of calcium and magnesium salts than normal water, which may explain why it can help refresh pilgrims. It also contains fluorides that can help combat germs.


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