Another British victim of terrorism in the Middle East

Click here: Media With Conscience – Another British victim of terrorism in the Middle East

On the 10th Oct.2007 a Briton died in the Middle East as the result of terrorism. According to the United Nations he was killed in an explosion from a cluster bomb, which he trying to defuse, in southern Lebanon which was left over from last year’s Israel-Hezbollah war.

Since the 14th Aug 2006 when the war finally ended despite opposition and delaying tactics from Bush and Blair, who is currently masquerading as a “peace” envoy in the Middle East, over 26 civilians have been killed and 185 wounded, mostly children of course and that includes a 6 year old girl just last week.

Over 90% of the cluster bombs laid by the terrorists in the Lebanon occurred within 72 hours of a ceasefire in an obvious act of sheer spite brought on by Israel’s defeat.Israel has once again repeated its previous insistence that munitions it used in the conflict comply with international law. Perhaps so, but since when has Israel been interested in obeying International Law? Clearly International Law needs to be changed, but with the USA holding a veto that appears unlikely.

…As Olmert has since confessed, the attack on the Lebanon last year was totally preplanned and had nothing to do with a spontaneous action in response to the arrest of two Israeli IDF terrorists, indeed the initial reports suggest that they had already entered the Lebanon before being arrested by Lebanese police.


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