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Inzamam ‘declares’ on time

Click here: – Inzamam ‘declares’ on time

Inzamam-ul Haq bid adieu to international cricket, leaving behind only memories of his great knocks.For nearly 16 years, his stupendous knocks provided sheer entertainment to lovers of the game. It has been my good fortune that I witnessed some of the finest knocks of his career, with most of them being rescue acts for Pakistan, following a major batting collapse in the team.

..The first time I saw his ability to tear apart an attack was at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in 1993 during the Wills Trophy. It was his first match at the venue. Zimbabwe medium pacers Eddo Brandes and Ali Omar Shah had dismissed Pakistan’s top-order batsmen Saeed Anwar, Rameez Raja, Javed Miandad and Salim Malek to leave Pakistan struggling at 88 for 4.Inzy walked into the middle, a bit faster than what he used to do towards the later stages of his career. He then took charge and cracked a brilliant 90 to upset Zimbabwe’s plan completely. And when his wicket fell, the scoreboard read 199 for 6, including Inzy’s 90. Pakistan won the match and Inzamam was the Man of the Match.


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