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Qassam Brigades blocks IOF incursion east of Gaza, kills an IOF serviceman

Click here: Palestinian Information Center – QB blocks IOF incursion east of Gaza, kills an IOF serviceman

ighters of the armed wing of Hamas Movement, the Qassam Brigades (QB), have repelled Wednesday large numbers of IOF troops attempting to advance into the Faraheen area, east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, killing one IOF soldier.The group, however, acknowledged that one of its fighters identified as Hazem Jamal Asfour, 21, was martyred and another was wounded while blocking the IOF incursion into the area.News from the battlefield confirmed that a number of Israeli soldiers were wounded with bullets of the Palestinian fighters, but IOF troops acknowledged the death of one of its servicemen in the armed clashes with the Palestinian fighters.

…Prior to the clashes, Israeli occupation soldiers occupied a number of Palestinian homes in the Faraheen area and turned them into military posts before Palestinian resistance fighters attacked them, local inhabitants in the area confirmed.They also added that more IOF tanks and bulldozers were called into the area and started bulldozing wide areas of Palestinian farmland and ransacking a number of Palestinian homes.


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