European Muslims are hungry for more Halal, expert

Click here: – European Muslims are hungry for more Halal, expert

European Muslims are underserved by Halal food options, says certification expert from Singapore, while Southeast Asia and the Middle East are eyed by certified Western companies keen on exports.

…Suratty said that the global Halal food market is worth more than US$560bn. On average, one in four of the world’s estimated 900m to 1.3bn Muslims eat Halal food, meaning there is a massive market for food companies and the ingredients companies that supply them.She said that there are some conferences and lobbying efforts to raise the profile of Halal in Europe, but that at present the growing demand is not being met.However she spoke mostly about the two strongest markets for Halal food, Southeast Asia, which has more than 250m Halal Muslims, and the Middle East, a Muslim-majority region.
…By ensuring that food products and ingredients are suitable for Halal consumers, Western food companies can build their export sales in these high-potential markets. Moreover, they can also generate sales from a new source closer to home – European-based Muslims.

Last year Nordin Abdullah, executive director of Malaysian Kasehdia, the company behind the World Halal Forum, said that although there are only 30m Muslims in Europe but they have far higher consumer spending power than those in the Middle East and North Africa.In particular, second and third generation Muslims want to be able to eat Halal-certified versions of the foods as their non-Halal peers, like pizzas and hot dogs.


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