Headscarf ban in Turkey “a form of violence against women”

Click here: IINA – Headscarf ban in Turkey “a form of violence against women”

Human Rights Association (İHD) President Reyhan Yalçındag has described Turkey’s headscarf ban as a form of violence against women. “The introduction to the Constitution stresses cultural differences as being the richness of the society, yet at the same time ethnicity is stressed by calling the citizens of Turkey ‘Turks’. This is hypocrisy — as is the case with the women who wear headscarves,” Zaman reported quoting her.
Reyhan Yalçındag noted that women who are believers are kept away from education and work because they wear headscarves. But men who are believers do not face the same punishment. “Therefore, a ban on headscarves is violence against women. We need a new provision in the constitution that deals with this issue, but the government, which calls itself liberal and pro-freedom, has still not solved this problem in its sixth year,” said Yalçındag while addressing a panel called “Kurdish women discuss the civil constitution” 


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