Ration Cards for Low-Income Citizens

Click here: Arabnews.com – Ration Cards for Low-Income Citizens

The Council of the Saudi Chambers of Commerce has opposed a suggestion that the government should subsidize certain products that are facing price increases by facilitating their sale to all levels of society at a unified low price.

…Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce, said, “The government now has a good and practical option to solve the current crisis of high prices by establishing a system that entails granting ration cards to low-income citizens. This would enable them to buy essential commodities at below-market prices.”

…Increases in petrol prices have led to a rise of the cost of raw materials and freightage fees. Petrol and its derivatives are considered to be the basic elements in manufacturing food and agricultural products, which depend on chemical fertilizers.He added that Saudi Arabia’s inflation rate is considered to be the least among Gulf countries.“It represents only 4.4 percent, while in Qatar it is 10 percent and in Emirates it is 8 percent,” he said.


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