Oil pipeline ‘will be hit’ if Turks attack

Click here: Gulf News – Oil pipeline ‘will be hit’ if Turks attack

A Kurdish rebel leader threatened yesterday to strike an oil pipeline running into Turkey if the Turkish military targets bases of the separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party, in northern Iraq.”When Turkey starts a military operation against our bases, we will defend ourselves by targeting economic sites and one of our options is to hit the oil pipeline going from Kurdistan to Turkey because of the great economic value of this pipeline to Turkey and its army,” Murat Karayilan said.

…The tough line taken by the Kurds has stoked worries that a Turkish incursion could ignite a wider cycle of conflict and unrest in one of the few stable corners of Iraq.Barzani said urgent talks were needed on all sides. But Turkey has flatly declared it is out of patience with escalating attacks by separatist guerrillas who use hideouts in northern Iraq.


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