Blackwater begins pullout of Iraq

Click here: Gulf News – Blackwater begins pullout of Iraq

Iraqi Interior Ministry sources have said that American and British security firms have started to leave Iraq. “We have information from Baghdad airport saying that 90 to 120 individuals working for the private security firm, Blackwater, are leaving Baghdad every day in an American military aircraft, this is in addition to more than 44 personnel from the UK-based Olive Group who left Iraq last week,” Colonel Arkan Adnan, an Iraqi officer at the Interior Ministry told Gulf News.

…The American and British companies are facing resentment and indignation after the incident in Nisoor Square, where 17 Iraqis were killed, and the murder of two Iraqi women in the Al Masbah neighbourhood by personnel working for an Australian security firm…”Colombian, Chilean and Jordanian security companies may expand their work in Baghdad. These companies are known for their good record and their willingness to rectify mistakes carried out by previous American, Australian and British security firms who would often open fire in the street carelessly,” sources at the information and investigations agency at the Iraqi Interior Ministry told Gulf News.


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