Indonesian President Yudhoyono meets Mahmoud Abbas

Click here: IINA – Yudhoyono meets Mahmoud Abbas

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at Merdeka Palace here today. During the meeting, a cooperation agreement between the two countries was signed. Later at a joint press conference with Abbas, Yudhoyono expressed hope that the Palestinian government can take wise steps in dealing with its domestic problems so that all components of Palestine society can be united in striving to achieve independence. IIndonesia hopes he (President Mahmoud Abbas) can overcome Palestine’s internal problems so that all components in Palestine society can unite and enjoy stronger cohesion,” Yudhoyono said. Abbas`s visit to Indonesia at Yudhoyono`s invitation was his first since becoming Palestinian president.

Yudhoyono hoped Abbas’s visit could become a new milestone in Indonesia-Palestine cooperation and relations. He said that since the beginning, the Indonesian people and government had supported Palestine’s struggle to become an independent and sovereign nation so it could live peacefully and get support from the international community. Indonesia would continue providing humanitarian assistance for Palestinian refugees to lessen their suffering, he said.


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