Muslim scholars urge Benedict to back dialogue appeal

Click here: Reuters – Muslim scholars urge Benedict to back dialogue appeal

Muslim scholars pressing Christian churches for a high-level dialogue to improve inter-faith relations have urged Pope Benedict to publicly back their appeal already supported by several non-Catholic leaders.One of the 138 signatories to the unprecedented appeal told Benedict at a religious gathering in Naples on Sunday that the group was disappointed with what it saw as the Vatican’s relatively slow response, another signatory said on Monday.The group has also sent the Vatican a letter criticising remarks by its top official for inter-faith relations, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, in which he said that serious theological dialogue with Muslims was not possible, signatory Aref Ali Nayed told Reuters….”Muslims are still awaiting a proper response from His Holiness Pope Benedict,” said the new letter.

… While several Catholic experts have reacted favourably, Benedict has not mentioned the appeal publicly. Tauran at first praised it as “very interesting” but in remarks last Friday raised other issues that could complicate any talks. The cardinal said Christians could not discuss theology seriously with Muslims because they did not question the Koran. He also said any talks should discuss why some Muslim states limit church building while Muslims can build mosques in Europe.


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