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Indian Muslims to hold rally seeking justice

Click here: IINA – Indian Muslims to hold rally seeking justice

Over 300 Imams and Muslim leaders from across India met here Sunday to generate support for the Justice Rally to be held on Thursday, at Azad Maidan in Mumbai. The rally is being held to demand the immediate implementation of the report of Srikrishna Commission, which probed Mumbai’s anti-Muslim riots in which thousands of Muslims killed following the demolition of Babri Mosque. Around 5,000 people attended the meeting, which was addressed by a number of imams, who urged Muslims to extend support by closing down their commercial establishments on the day of the rally. The rally has been organized by the Agitation for Justice (AFJ), an umbrella organization of more than 40 Muslim organizations.

.. “Thousands of Muslims have been victims of the Mumbai communal riots in 1992-93 and even after 14 years they are still waiting for justice,” he said. At the meeting, the imams expressed their disappointment with the Congress party-led Democratic Front government in Maharashtra and also against the state Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, according to Arab News…Maulana Athar Ali, another prominent religious leader, said that even if the government set up the special courts, he did not think that justice would be delivered in the 2,000 cases mentioned by the Srikrishna Commission. The Maulana asked whether the government will ever book the 31 police officers and political leaders found guilty in the Srikrishna panel report.


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