Muslim charities, religious leaders call Holy Land verdict a relief

Click here: The Dallas Morning News – Muslim charities, religious leaders call Holy Land verdict a relief

…After 14 years of investigation, two months of trial, 19 days of deliberations and four more of waiting, the Holy Land case is essentially back where it started. The judge declared a mistrial on nearly all the charges, and prosecutors can retry everyone.But the confusion quickly turned to jubilation among Holy Land supporters.”Like Rosa Parks once was persecuted for simply sitting in a front seat of a bus, my dad was singled out for feeding, clothing and educating the children of Palestine,” said Noor Elashi, daughter of defendant Ghassan Elashi.

… The Holy Land Foundation was one of several charities closed by the U.S. government that had benefited from those religious charitable contributions. The government had alleged that the Holy Land Foundation was linked to Hamas, a Muslim organization responsible for bombings in Israel – and responsible for running programs to feed and care for needy Palestinians.At the impromptu news conference, speakers condemned the government charges.Speaking forcefully before dozens of journalists, Ms. Elashi called her father “an American hero.””He’s a person who heard a Palestinian orphan’s cry for help and chose not to ignore it,” she said.


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