384 research entries presented for Naif International Award

Click here: IINA – 384 research entries presented for Naif International Award

The General Secretariat for Naif International Award for the Tradition of Prophet and Contemporary Islamic Studies has started forming a scrutiny committee to look into the research entries presented for the fourth session of the award. Advisor to the Minister of Interior Dr. Saed Al Orabi Al Harithy, who is also secretary general of the Award Committee, said that the general secretariat has received a total of 384 research entries in the four categories. Some 90 researches were presented on the topic of “Muhammad: Messenger of Allah sent as Mercy to Mankind.” A total of 154 researches were presented on the second topic of “Moderation in Islam”, 112 researches on “Freedom of expression in Islam” and 28 entries on the “Islamic relief work.”

According to Dr. Al Harithy, the entries were presented from several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Palestine, Sudan, Morocco, India, Indonesia, Niger and the United States. The Preliminary Scrutiny Committee will look into the entries and will shortlist those, which fulfill the criteria and terms and conditions of the competition. Then, the short-listed entries will be referred to the second phase of evaluation by the concerned panel of judges, he said adding that those entries, which do not fulfill the required criteria, will be sent back to its authors.


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