800-year-old Qur’an sells for record $2.26M

Click here: CBC.ca – 800-year-old Qur’an sells for record $2.26M

A Qur’an written in 1203, believed to be the oldest known complete copy of the Muslim holy book, has sold for £1.14 million ($2.26 million) at auction in London on Tuesday.It was a record auction price for a Qur’an, according to Christie’s auction house. The Qur’an is written entirely in gold, with margin notes in silver, and signed by Yahya ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Umar in Ramadan 599 (June 1203).Christie’s had estimated it would sell for $500,000-$700,000.

At the same auction, a nearly complete 10th-century Kufic Qur’an, thought to be from North Africa or the Middle East, sold for $1,870,000, nearly double its estimated sale price.The Kufic Qur’an was written on paper in a landscape format, a change from the earlier style of copying on horizontal parchment, Christie’s catalog said.


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