OIC chief meets Turkish foreign minister

Click here: IINA – OIC chief meets Turkish foreign minister

The Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu received the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Babacan at his office at the OIC headquarters here on Sunday. The two leaders discussed issues of crucial importance for peace and stability in the region. The secretary general conveyed his thanks and gratitude for the generous support the OIC has been receiving from the government of Turkey. Prof. Ihsanoglu also briefed the minister on the OIC activities and initiatives including the advancement regarding the amendment of the OIC Charter and signing of documents for the new General Secretariat building, according to an OIC statement.

…Terming the OIC as a unique Organization binding different regions and cultures in one framework, he mentioned that the government of Turkey has high expectations from the Organization and is following closely its activities. The minister congratulated the secretary general on his personal success in making the Organization more modern and dynamic. … The minister expressed his grave concern over the terrorist activities in Turkey being carried out by the terrorist organization PKK from its base within the Iraqi territory. He said that Turkey is in contact with the Iraqis as well as US authorities in curbing the PKK activities. The secretary general expressed his appreciation for Turkey’s dynamism in dealing with international issues, its role in the region as well as its role as an OIC member.


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