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Rice admits U.S. improperly handled Arar’s case

Click here: – Rice admits U.S. improperly handled Arar’s case

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told a Congressional hearing Wednesday that mistakes were made in the way that U.S. officials communicated with their Canadian counterparts.”We absolutely try to ensure that that will not happen but our communication with the Canadian government about this was by no means perfect, in fact it was quite imperfect,” she said.

…Last week, U.S. lawmakers offered apologies to Maher Arar, who was deported by U.S.
counterterrorism officials to Syria, where he says he was imprisoned and tortured.”Our country made a mistake and has been unwilling to own up to it,” California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said. “It reflects an arrogance I don’t like to see in our government.” An administration official said she was not aware of any plans for the White House to issue an apology to Arar.

Arar was arrested during a stopover in New York in 2002 on his way home to Canada from a holiday and was deported to Syria. He says he was tortured during the year he spent in Damascus jails.U.S. officials deported him after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said he was a suspected Islamic extremist, but an official Canadian inquiry last year cleared him of any links to militant groups.The Canadian government apologized and in January paid Arar compensation of C$10.5 million


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