Thailand: No justice for Muslim protest victims, says rights group

 Click here: – Thailand: No justice for Muslim protest victims, says rights group 

Three years after more than 80 Muslims were killed in the Tak Bai demonstration in Thailand, the government has yet to bring any of those responsible to justice, according to Human Rights Watch. The international rights group has attacked the government for failing to take action against those responsible for the brutal crackdown on protesters on 25 October 2004 in the town of Tak Bai, in the country’s south. “The Tak Bai killings were a truly shocking event, yet there has been no criminal prosecution, despite overwhelming evidence,” said Brad Adams, Asian director of Human Rights Watch.

…The Tak Bai massacre is considered one of the turning points that transformed the dissatisfaction of the That Muslims into an open rebellion that has killed over 2,600 people since January 2004. At the demonstration, security forces cracked down on Muslim protesters in the Tak Bai district, Narathiwat. HRW said seven protesters were shot dead, while 78 others were suffocated or crushed to death as they were being transported to an army detention facility in Pattani. The organisation said some 1,200 people were held in military custody for days without medical attention. Many protesters suffered severe injuries that required amputation of their limbs.

An investigation identified three army officers as having failed to properly supervise the military’s operations, but no one has been prosecuted. The Thai authorities have provided financial compensation to some victims and their families….HRW added that since the coup against Thaksin, carried out in September 2006, there have been over 20 cases of alleged extrajudicial killings, torture, and excessive use of violence committed by security personnel – from regular and paramilitary units – against Muslims in the south.


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