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Brunei: Great Prospects For Halal Products

Click here: – Great Prospects For Halal Products

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR), Hato Paduka Hj Mohd Hamid Hj Jaafar, said that judging by the regional and international conferences as well as trade exhibitions in the last three to five years, the Halal International Conference is timely as it will help governments and industries in refining their strategies for developing globally-competitive Halal certified products in the next few years.

…”The packaging and marketing of Halal products and services are critical issues for the Halal industry. We need to change the mindset of consumers by demonstrating convincingly why Halal, while fulfilling a religious obligation for Muslims, is the best choice for everyone.”

“We believed that Halal has the highest potential for brand values and brand loyalty and we have started already on the Brunei Halal branding exercise.” The key element ofthe Brunei Halal Brand is the strong partnership between the relevant stakeholders in the Halal industry and there are at least four government agencies in Brunei, including MIPR, which are working closely together in ensuring that Halal certification is very stringent.

…Arrangements are being finalised for the establishment of a Brunei Halal Brand commercial hub and other efforts include the provision of an area of 263 hectares for the development of the industries through joint ventures and other FDI projects such as Halal Investment Park and research and support services for the developing Halal related industries such as a Halal Science Centre and a Halal Port.

He also expressed delight at the very positive interest in the Brunei Halal Brand in Australia with companies indicating their preparedness to be associated with Brunei halal Brand, including 160 food manufactures and 40 companies involved in providing services to the food industry.


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