India: Lalu demands Modi’s arrest following Tehelka expose

Click here: – Lalu demands Modi’s arrest following Tehelka expose

Railway Minister and Rashtriya Janta Dal supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav has asked the government to arrest Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his role in Gujarat riots of 2002. The riots had caused the death of more than 2000 Muslims in the state. RJD supremo’s reaction comes in the wake of Tehelka sting operation involving several VHP, BJP and Bajrang Dal leaders.

…Lalu also demanded the arrest of LK Advani, who was home minister at the time of Gujarat riots. “Since Modi enjoys the patronage of senior BJP leader L K Advani, the opposition leader in the Lok Sabha, the latter cannot escape culpability for the mass murder,” Lalu went on to say. Saying that the case was a blot on the face of Indian democracy, the railway minister asked to initiate criminal cases against the two leaders.

…Around 2000 Muslims were killed in cold blood across the state. Muslim women were raped on a large scale and Muslim localities were burnt, destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Muslims were forced to take shelter in relief camps across the state. Muslims in these camps too were threatened and at times the camps attacked to deter Muslims taking shelter there. Tehelka expose based on hidden video camera interviews, is the first in which VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders suspected so long for their roles in the riots have pointed a direct finger at narendra Modi.


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