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Bosnia: Protests after Serbian premier backs Bosnian Serbs

Click here: – Bosnia: Protests after Serbian premier backs Bosnian Serbs

Serbian prime minister Vojislav Kostunica has triggered a storm of protests from Bosnian Muslim leaders for supporting Bosnian Serbs in a dispute with the top international official in Bosnia, Miroslav Lajcak.

He accused the international community of threatening “vital state and national interests of the Serbian people” in Bosnia and Serbia’s breakaway Kosovo province, where western powers support the ethnic Albanian majority’s drive for independence…Muslim member of the state presidency, Haris Silajdzic, said Kostunica’s statement was an “open assault on the sovereignty of Bosnia-Herzegovina.” He accused the Serbian premier of trying to “instrumentalise all open issues in the Balkans to strengthen his negotiating position on Kosovo.”

Other Muslim leaders have also reacted vehemently, while Croats, the smallest ethnic group, have kept quiet because Lajcak’s have little bearing on their position in the federation with majority Muslims in which they claim to be discriminated and deprived of basic rights.


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