Muslims demand Modi’s arrest

Click here: – Muslims demand Modi’s arrest

Muslim leaders have welcomed the Tehelka revelations in Gujarat involving the BJP, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders who were involved in the large-scale, well planned killings of Muslims in the state in the year 2002. The Tehelka sting operation has proved beyond doubt the direct patronage of the riots and rioters by state administration and state Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Muslim leaders who for long have demanded concrete action by the government against people who orchestrated the killings, rape and destruction of properties of the Muslim community in the state have demanded immediate action following the Tehelka report asking for dismissal of Narendra Modi and his government in the state. They have also asked the government and the courts to initiate criminal cases against the people responsible for the riots and their immediate arrest.

Ahmad Bukhari, the imam of historical Jama Masjid in Delhi says that he fails to understand the logic of Modi and company still being in power despite clear incriminating evidences against him and his cronies in the worst anti-Muslim riots in the country. He says that after the clear evidence of Modi’s involvement in anti-Muslim pogrom it is now the responsibility of the Central government to take stern action against him and his people who played a part in the massacre.


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