Tailor is toast of coma man’s village

Click here: Gulf News – Tailor is toast of coma man’s village
…Islampur is a village in Jhunjhunu district, about 200 kilometres from Jaipur, the state capital. Babubhai, the tailor, who stitched Billu’s shirt, is now the most talked-about person in the village. Billu was found lying unconscious on a Deira road by Dubai Police in June 2006. He suffered extreme heatstroke and may possibly have been mug-ged, as he did not have any money or identification papers.

Volunteers from a social organisation, Valley of Love, visited him regularly and tried to ascertain his identity. C.P. Mathew, a volunteer, said the only clue to his identity was the name of the town, Islampur. Three towns in India share the name…”Babubhai has become a household name in Islampur after Billu was identified. We were told that a tourist had come looking for him after he had read Gulf News online about Billu and how he was identified by just a tailor’s label on his shirt collar.”

Under a ‘Save Billu’ campaign, contributions have been pouring in. The volunteers still require Dh7,000 to Dh9,000 to bring Billu home. “We are also planning to deposit a minimum of Dh50,000 as a steady income for the family. Billu was their sole bread earner. We are still looking for supporters who are willing to help us,” said the volunteer.


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