Canada: New bill will ban Muslims from wearing veils at polls

Click here: – New bill will ban Muslims from wearing veils at polls

A new bill will propose a law to amend the Canada Elections Act to ban Muslims from wearing veils (or niqab’s) while at polls. “During the recent by-elections in Quebec, the government made it clear that we disagreed with the decision by Elections Canada to allow people to vote while concealing their face. That is why, in the Speech from the Throne, we committed to introducing legislation to confirm the visual identification of voters,” said Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, Peter Van Loan. “Today, with the introduction of this Bill, we have fulfilled that commitment.”

“While there was no apparent case of fraud in the recent Quebec by-elections, it was widely reported that numerous individuals voted while purposefully concealing their face,” said MP Lawrence Cannon. “This caused people to question the credibility and integrity of the voting process. In a democratic system, it is crucial that confidence in our democracy be maintained. This Bill will maintain that confidence.”

Muslims will need to uncover when voting at all federal elections and by-elections, and advance polls. Citizens who are vouching for a voter who doesn’t have an ID will have to uncover as well, if they are Muslims or any other religion that requires veils. People who are medically required to have their faces covered are given an exception but will need to show along with photo ID two pieces of ID, or they will have to be vouched by someone else, who is not wearing a veil, or is to remove their veil. Or they would have to make an oath saying it would be against the rules of their doctor or be harmful to their health. Elections Canada volunteers would need to, somehow, suit the voter to their religious needs, if necessary.

According to the press release it will allow “someone to be recognized, who is attempting to commit an offence at the polls (e.g. someone trying to vote twice),” and it will “restore public confidence in the electoral process.”


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