Drop terror film, UK Muslims tell Channel 4

Click here: Daily Mail – Drop terror film, Muslims tell C4

slamic leaders last night called on Channel 4 to cancel a film about a British girl who is driven to become the UK’s first female suicide bomber…Last night, Kurshid Ahmed, chairman of the British Muslim Forum, said: “A film which attempts to glamorise or rationalise the actions of suicide bombers has no place on our TV screens.

“Channel 4 should be working with us to defeat terrorism and extremism, not sowing hate and division in our communities.” …Channel 4 says Britz is an attempt to understand what could lead a second-generation Muslim to turn against the country of their birth.It blames Labour’s “draconian” antiterror laws and foreign policy for alienating the Muslim community. Director Peter Kosminsky denied radicalised Muslims would feel vindicated by the film.


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