Israel begins cuts in fuel supplies to Gaza Strip

Click here: China Post – Israel begins cuts in fuel supplies to Gaza Strip

Israel began cutting vital fuel shipments to the Gaza Strip on Sunday, following through on a promise to step up pressure on the territory’s Hamas rulers after months of Palestinian rocket attacks.

Dor Alon, the Israeli energy company that sells fuel to Gaza, confirmed it received instructions from the Israeli Defense Ministry to reduce shipments… The fuel cut drew harsh condemnation from Palestinians in Gaza, which relies on Israel for all its fuel and more than half its electricity.

“This is a serious warning to the people of the Gaza Strip. Their lives are now in danger,” said Ahmed Ali, deputy director of Gaza’s Petroleum Authority, which distributes Israeli fuel shipments to private Palestinian companies. “The hospitals, water pumping station and sewage will now be affected by the lack of fuel.” Ali said daily fuel shipments on Sunday were more than 30 percent below normal.  He said Gaza keeps about four days of fuel reserves.

Israel has also threatened to reduce electricity supplies to Gaza, but has yet to do so. The impoverished territory is expected to be hit hard by the shortage of fuel, which is used for driving, cooking and for the private generators that are ubiquitous in Gaza because of constant power outages. Fuel from Israel also powers Gaza’s only electric plant, which provides a quarter of the territory’s electricity and will now have to ration its reserves.


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