OIC slams Danish party’s insulting of Prophet

Click here: IINA – OIC slams Danish party’s insulting of Prophet

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which groups 57 Muslim countries, denounced the latest incident of insulting Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by a Danish political party. T he Danish People Party’s use of a hand-drawn picture depicting the Prophet as an electoral campaign material triggered Muslim outrage within Denmark and abroad. In a statement, the OIC observatory on Islamophobia denounced this action, calling it as irresponsible especially as it is emanating from a political party, with the sole aim of inflaming hatred against a section of Danish citizens.

“The short sightedness of this advertisement is made apparent through claiming that it is done with the purpose of defending the Danish Values,” the statement said while drawing logical conclusion from the advertisement that the “Danish Values” are based on giving freehand to hate speeches and on exploiting the noble principle of freedom of expression to insult others while denying the respect of cultural diversity and plurality in modern society. “The Muslim world, while taking note of this unprovoked propensity of some Danish circles to demonize Islam, its figures and symbols remains vigilant and watchful to this trend which might, again, lead to increased tension,” the OIC statement noted.


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