Somali president hails PM Ghedi’s resignation

Click here: – Somali president hails PM Ghedi’s resignation

After announcing Somalia’s prime minister Ali Mohamed Ghedi his resignation in front of the parliamentarians in parliamentray session. In the south-central trading town of Baidoa, the interim president of Somalia’s transitional federal government has warmly welcomed his PM’s resignation pointing it as braveray step towards democracy. president yusuf told in front of the parliament that he has accepted the resignation tendered by his prime minister Ali Mohamed Ghedi.

many political analysts say, the resignation of Ali Mohamed Ghedi would end the long-brewing power struggle between the Somali prime minister and his president. “i shall not leave from here and i shall not be far away from you, i’m now a legislator and i will work with you ” ,Ghedi told, addressing to the parliament after his resignation.

he said “i have tendered my resignation to the president and he has accepted it” Ali Mohamed Gedi became prime minister of Somalia’s transitional government in late 2004. His relationship with President Yusuf has been tense.Mr.Gedi was accused of failing to end the Islamist-led insurgency in the capital, Mogadishu, and failing to draft a new constitution.
in his speech, president Yusuf pledged Ghedi’s staff members and his other employees would be dealt like other employees in the government.


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