India: Probe into theft of 400-year-old Koran

Click here: – India: Probe into theft of 400-year-old Koran

The government of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has called on the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to conduct a probe into the theft of a 400-year-old copy of the Koran, which is believed to have been handwritten by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The Koran was taken from the Sri Pratap Singh Museum in the state’s summer capital Srinagar. A senior government official told a local newspaper that the country’s premier investigative agency had been requested to probe the “disappearance”, under mysterious circumstances, of the rare manuscript from the 109-year-old museum.Museum officials had found the rare copy of the Muslim holy book missing during a routine inspection some time in 2003

…It had been earlier alleged that some unscrupulous museum officials, taking advantage of the turmoil in the Kashmir Valley since 2003, had “sold” the copy of the rare Koran to a foreign traveller.It was alleged that the foreigner, on catching sight of the rare manuscript during a visit to the museum, had offered a huge amount to these officials to acquire it clandestinely.

It is believed that Emperor Aurangzeb had used pure gold, saffron and vermilion to beautifully write all the 30 chapters of the Koran on precious homemade paper.


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