Omani Infants Separated After 18 Hours of Surgery

Click here: Arab News – Omani Infants Separated After 18 Hours of Surgery

Safa and Marwah, two Omani conjoined babies, who were brought to the Kingdom in December last year, were successfully separated following an 18-hour surgery at the King Abdul Aziz Medical City (KAMC) in Riyadh. “This was the first time we have used very special and delicate equipment such as a neuro navigator, a volume dextro scope, a mobile CT scanner and a special anesthesia support table,” said Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, chief executive officer of KAMC.

He added that the surgery, which was carried out following an order by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, was conducted in seven phases by a 22-member team of health professionals. A rehearsal was carried out on Wednesday, two days prior to the separation.The two babies, who were joined in the head, were born in August 2006 along with a third male called Yahya in Muscat. Dr. Al-Rabeeah said that the conjoined babies arrived in Riyadh on Dec. 22. A multidisciplinary team was formed to prepare the infants for the surgery, which took 10 months.


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