KSA: Al-Huraisi Murder Trial Begins at Riyadh High Court

Click here: Arab News – Al-Huraisi Murder Trial Begins at Riyadh High Court

he trial of two members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, who have been charged with the murder of Salman Al-Huraisi during a commission raid looking for alcohol, began at the Higher Court in Riyadh yesterday….Al-Huraisi told the court that the two commission members had broken the law during the raid by not only beating Salman to death, but by also forcefully entering the house and arresting female members for suspicion, without the presence of women officers or female representatives.

…“The authorities have held these two men responsible for his (Salman’s) death and according to the private rights of the family, we have made it clear to the three judges that we want both commission members to be executed,” the attorney told Arab News after the hearing…The attorney said the two commission members were denied bail and were taken back to prison.

…In a lower court in Riyadh, three relatives of the deceased are being tried in connection to possession of narcotics and alcohol that was found in the house during the raid. Over 18 commission members, not including police officers, took part in the raid on Al-Huraisi’s house in the Al-Uraija district of Riyadh late May….The commission members found several bottles of liquor as well as sachets of narcotics in the house. They arrested all members of the family, including male and female relatives living in other apartments in the building.


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