UAE: Small number of foreign workers to be deported

Click here: – UAE: Small number of foreign workers to be deported

Up to 25 of the 4,000 foreign workers detained by police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), will be deported to their home countries, according to an Indian diplomat quoted in the Dubai-based Khaleej Times newspaper. The 4,000 workers, many of them Indian nationals, were arrested on Saturday during a demonstration where they were demanding higher wages and better living conditions.

…He said that police would only prosecute those workers allegedly linked to violent acts and considered responsible for causing damage to public and private properties. “Other workers will have the option to either stay in Dubai and continue to work for the local contracting company, or else leave their job voluntarily and return to India,” Ahmed was quoted as saying on the Khaleej Times.

“However, if they decide not to quit, they will have to furnish an affidavit swearing they will not indulge in any such illegal activities and will fulfil all their contractual obligations.” He said all workers who were willing to return to work were to have been released on Wednesday.


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