Bosnia: Government falls after president resigns

Click here: – Bosnia: Government falls after president resigns

Bosnia’s president Nikola Spiric resigned on Thursday, immediately triggering the downfall of the six-party coalition government.

Spiric handed his resignation to the chairman of the three-man rotating state presidency Zeljko Komsic, saying he saw it as “the only way to contribute to the calming of the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina”. Spiric had earlier hinted he might resign in protest over measures imposed by the high representative of the international community Miroslav Lajcak.

Lajcak, a Slovak diplomat with broad arbitrary measures in Bosnia, has reduced the quorum for decision-making in the cabinet and parliament which Serbs, the second biggest ethnic group, fear will enable the Muslim majority to take control. According to Bosnia’s constitution, Spiric’s cabinet will continue in a caretaker role until the crisis is resolved….The Bosnian Serb Parliament this week rejected Lajcak’s measures, saying they were unconstitutional and contrary to the Dayton peace accord, which ended the 1992-1995 civil war.


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