Indonesia: Condemned Bali bombers ‘regret’ killing Muslims

Click here: AFP – Condemned Bali bombers ‘regret’ killing Muslims

Two of the three Muslim militants on death row for involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings said they were sorry for killing fellow Muslims, while insisting their deadly attack had gone according to plan.

In an interview at their remote island prison, taped secretly by national TV channel Lativi, Imam Samudra, 37, and Amrozi, 45, said it was regrettable Muslims were among the 202 killed on the resort island’s nightclub attacks.

“Yes, I regret (the Muslim deaths)… I cried,” Samudra said in the interview aired on Wednesday night. But he added that he had bowed “in grace” after the blasts were detonated….”I am fasting for two months consecutively, it’s to prove that I regret that Muslims were killed. Please say I am sorry for the Muslim victims,” said the convict, who has in the past apologised to the families of the Muslims killed.

…”When I was arrested no one knew of jihad… now everyone is talking about it, and this is when I am still alive. Imagine after I am dead,” he said.


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