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Italy: Muslims may drop proposed mosque in northern town

Click here: – Italy: Muslims may drop proposed mosque in northern town

uslims living in the northern Italian town of Sesto Calende, near Milan, may sacrifice plans for a mosque to avoid ethnic conflict and promote positive relations. On Wednesday anti-Islamic slogans – “No Muslims” and “No mosque” – were discovered on the road leading to where the mosque is supposed to be built.There were also phrases written against Eligio Chierichetti, the mayor of Sesto Calende, who supports the project.

…”We want to express our complete solidarity with the mayor (of Sesto Calende), Eligio Chierichetti, who was also the target of these threats,” he said. La Spina also said the threats did not represent “the welcoming and tolerant sentiments that have always characterised life in the community of Sesto Calender.”

According to La Spina, other recent episodes of intolerance towards Muslims in the northern Italian region of Lombardy were the result of international tensions. At least eight Islamic centres in Lombardy have been attacked including an incident last week when a masked man was seen throwing a Molotov cocktail inside the courtyard of a Muslim prayer hall from his motorcycle. No major damage or injuries were reported in that attack. “These types of episodes are symptoms of rising xenophobic and anti-Islamic behaviour which is part of the worrying trend in international conflicts,” La Spina told AKI.


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