KSA: Muslim countries to establish Tourism Company

Click here: IINA – Muslim countries to establish Tourism Company

Wrapping up of the two-day activities here yesterday, the First Tourism Forum of Muslim Countries decided to establish the Islamic Tourism Company for promoting tourism in member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The forum titled “Towards Tourist Integration among Islamic Countries,” was organized by the Saudi Supreme Commission for Tourism, in cooperation with the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) and the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The founding members of the new company include tourism companies from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan and Azerbaijan with an initial capital of $100 million and will be open to further investments by other participants. The ICCI will follow up the establishment of the company.

The two-day forum began Tuesday with sessions on tourism in Islamic countries and the challenges and barriers they face, including infrastructure, tourism packages, marketing and visa regulations. The opening session was held under the auspices of Interior Minister Prince Naif, who is the chairman of board of directors of the Supreme Commission for Tourism (SCT), which organized the forum with the Council of Saudi Chambers and ICCI. The forum focused yesterday on promotional programs of inter-tourism between Islamic countries and some of the successful experiences in tourism activation and promotion with presentations from Iran, Tunisia and Turkey.


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