Palestine: US ‘Pressuring’ Israel to Evacuate Outposts

Click here: Arab News – US ‘Pressuring’ Israel to Evacuate Outposts

The US has renewed pressure on Israel to evacuate illegal settlement outposts in the West Bank and has asked it to broaden efforts to help West Bank Palestinians in the run-up to the Annapolis peace summit next month, Israeli sources said yesterday.Israel has promised to evacuate all the outposts set up in the West Bank after March 2001, but has failed to abide by this. The US administration has not raised the issue for the past three years in light of Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

… Some advisers close to Olmert see a big international force as possibly the only way to satisfy Israel’s security needs during the time it would take to create a Palestinian force able to combat and disarm militants. Peacekeepers have long been envisaged as part of any final peace deal and the Palestinians have voiced support for their deployment as a way of loosening Israel’s military grip.


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