Spain: Third Forum for New Muslims in Spain to begin today

Click here: IINA – Third Forum for New Muslims in Spain to begin today

The Third Forum for New Muslims in Spain will be held in Bani Jaber region, near Bañacia city of Spain, today. The forum on “’This day I have completed your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you and have selected for your Way of Life, Al Islam” will be held under the patronage of the International Commission for New Muslims and the Islamic League for Dialogue and Coexistence in Spain. Several prominent scholars, preachers and heads of Islamic centers in Spain and other European countries will participate in the three-day event.

They are also aimed at imparting them with proper understanding and establishing a harmonious relationship among the new Muslims of Europe, besides positive integration of them in the society through holding dialogue forums on the principles of tolerance in Islamic thought.

There are also refresher courses and physical training through conducting sports events and cultural competitions as well as get together with intellectuals, heads of societies concerning with converts, as well as with prominent personalities, who embraced Islam. The forums will give an opportunity for the new Muslims to air their views and offer their proposals with regard to the future programs of the Commission.


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